The Lotus Yogini Studio

"Yoga for the Body, Yogic Life for the Soul."

Yoga Class Descriptions

A Description of the classes offered at the Studio

Hot Lotus Power Yin (Adult, Intermediate)

A unique class of hot Hatha flow followed by yin asana’s (poses). Hatha flow postures are connected to breath work to bring a deep, stimulating practice. Then, slowing down the pace into yin postures that help you appreciate a deepening awareness of the body-mind connection.

Warm Lotus Zen Yoga (Adult, Gentle)

A fusion of restorative gentle yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to give you the ultimate sense of peace and relaxation.

Warm Sunrise Yoga (Adult, Gentle)

Wake up and greet the day with a gentle flow of warm Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) and breath work.

Hot Lotus Power (Adult, Intermediate)

A hot 45-minute class to awaken your body and get your heart pumping. Flow to upbeat tunes in a sequence that counteracts the impact of long work hours in a desk or on your feet.

Now Offering: Hot Lotus Power for Beginners

Candlelight Meditative Yoga (Adult, Gentle)

Surrounded by flickering candlelight, experience a few gentle asana’s (poses) and a breathing technique. This class will take you on a meditative journey that connects your body with your mind and soul.

Lotus Yoga Bootcamp (Intermediate to Advanced)

2 levels of high intensity yoga workout designed to tone and shape the body, build strength and endurance, and teach pranayama (breath work). Strengthen the body and the mind.

Level 1: Warm, Intermediate, Tuesdays
Level 2: Hot, Advanced, Mondays