The Lotus Yogini Studio

"Yoga for the Body, Yogic Life for the Soul."


What is Yoga?

Yoga is Sanskrit term (yuj) meaning to yoke or to bind oneself to a practise of discipline. It unites the mind, body and spirit. The practice of yoga uses Asana's (physical poses) and Pranayama (breath work) designed to strengthen the core, provide flexibility to your muscles, calm the mind and reduce your stress levels.

What does OM mean?

Om is a mantra (powerful sound or vibration that is used to enter a state of meditation) and is known as the sound of the universe. You can hear it in the rustling leaves, the waves of the ocean and inside of a seashell. This sound is usually used at the end of a yoga class.

Is Yoga a religion?

Yoga is not a religion; it is an Eastern Indian philosophy that has been used for over 5000 years. Yoga can interweave itself into different spiritual practises such as Buddhism and Hinduism, but it is not necessary to follow these paths to practise yoga.

I’m not flexible, can I do Yoga?

Absolutely!!! Yoga is not designed for a specific body type; it is created for everyBODY. The more you practice yoga, the more limber you will notice your body becoming. Start with a gentle class and work into a regular schedule and you will notice the change your body takes over a short period of time. Still unsure if this practise is right for you? Chat with your teacher and explain your apprehensions, they are trained to guide you through every posture and technique to ensure you get the most out of the teaching.

What do I need to begin?

You need patience with yourself, especially if this is a new journey, and an open mind. For a more comfortable practise it is helpful to bring the following:

- A non-glass bottle of water. We have water on the premises to refill reusable bottles, but in an effort to reduce our footprint, we do not provide disposable bottled water.

- A yoga mat. Mats are available for rental and purchase. (Must be a Yoga mat, not an exercise/foam mat).

- Loose, comfortable clothing such as leggings or shorts and a loose tee or tank

- Any props you have that may help you in your practice. (Note: The studio will provide props necessary for each class).

- A blanket, scarf and/or eye pillow for meditation and Savasana.

- A towel if you find you sweat during practise.

- Bare feet or yoga socks, the studio is a footwear free environment. (Note: Regular socks cannot be worn during practice)