The Lotus Yogini Studio

"Yoga for the Body, Yogic Life for the Soul."

This is My Story

Learning Through Every Part of the Journey

A Change in Lifestyle

A free-spirited hippy at heart and lover of raw vegan “desserts”, Liz is passionate about healing the body through a holistic approach. Being in and out of yoga since she was a teen, she never really understood the yogic life until being diagnosed with multiple life-threatening food allergies forced her to completely change her lifestyle and mindset. From there Liz turned not only to yoga, also to healing and living her life organically.

Growth Through Education

After completing her 200hr yoga teacher training in 2013 through the South Okanagan Yoga Academy, she has gone on to become a Reiki Healing Master and is currently working on completing the Holistic Nutritionist program. Her life and business motto: "Yoga for the body, Yogic life for the soul."

Healing and Living

Liz brings this motto into every aspect of her life, from eating and caring for family (including furry four-legs), to the public and each client she works with. She believes everyone can heal through yoga and live a fulfilling, holistic life.