"Yoga for the Body, Yogic Life for the Soul."

The Lotus Yogini Studio

"Yoga for the Body, Yogic Life for the Soul."


March Workshop

Lotus Chakra Balancing Workshop

Ancient yogis and sages have used the chakra system for thousands of years to holistically heal our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. Chakra, Sanskrit for “wheel” is associated with particular physical, emotional or spiritual functions within the body. There are seven major Chakras that run down your spine from the base of the head to the tailbone. Each chakra operates like a wheel, inter-connected with each other, channeling prana, your life breath throughout your body. When a chakra is out of alignment, you can feel weak, sluggish, emotional or mentally exhausted.

This workshop will use yoga poses and a guided meditation with essential oils and crystals to align the chakras, opening and stimulating each energy center. This workshop will include a chakra balancing kit (value $45).

Investment:  $75 +HST